Welcome back to another episode of Quarantine Stories. My weekly series of original music I write just for you.

Who doesn’t want a secret lair – their own Fortress of Solitude or Batcave where they can recover from the insanity of the day while pursuing the things they love. I’m not talking about one of those “end of days” bunkers (although… never mind), I’m talking about a place that any superhero would be proud to call “secret headquarters”.

Well, if you work at Grand Central Station for the MTA, you’d think there’s not much chance of that happening. Well, you’d think *wrong* bucko!

Three MTA employees discovered a secret room deep in the belly of Grand Central. A room that was not indicated on any of the building’s floor plans. So, did they run to their bosses and report this? Hell no. It’s a *secret* room, so there was only one thing to do – build a SECRET LAIR!

Yep, they pulled in a futon, table, mounted a flat screen and plugged in a toaster oven – all your basic secret lair stuff, and instead of doing MTA stuff, they hung in the lair doing… secret stuff!

I don’t blame them, and the only reason they got caught is they forgot to take off their capes when it was time to clock out. Not really, they got caught because they used their headquarters to “hangout, get drunk and party”. Which *is* the other optional use for a secret lair.

Leave the magical image of the lair you have in your mind – it’s better. But if you *must* see their secret headquarters, here’s the link to some pics:

And here’s the link to some tunes for your own fortress:

Until next week – Wear a mask (both kinds, and the cape – it’s slimming). Be kind to each other. Vote.

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