Welcome back to another episode of Quarantine Stories. My weekly series of original music I write just for you.

Today we celebrate this great experiment we call “democracy”. That special time when, after a free and fair election, we have the opportunity to hold up to the world what a peaceful transfer of power looks like. Where men and women throughout this great country agree that, even though the results may not have been what you wanted, that the majority has spoken and the will of the people will be respected by all. A time where some of our states persons graciously admit that they’ve lost while others humbly take on the mantle of governing our country.*

It’s a time where all our minds turn to the wisdom and forethought of our countries founders, and of course, to “Nude George Washington”.

It’s a real thing. Check out this picture of the crowd at the inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877 (a distant relative), on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, surrounding the statue of Nude George Washington.

It’s a story of a dishonored Harvard professor, crackpot congressmen, and more than a little madness. This 12-ton, 10-foot-tall statue of George Washington as Zeus, sitting on a throne draped only in a towel and pointing pompously to the heavens, was meant to herald the future of American art.

It’s didn’t work out that way.**

Adjust that loin cloth and grab that download:

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* Dude’s not the only one that can live in a fantasy world.