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Yeah, I’m not gonna touch that, but please post your own clever one liner. What I’m talking about here is Metallica.

I just watched the 2004  documentary film featuring the band, and I really enjoyed it. The film shares its name with a song from Metallica’s 2003 album St. Anger and was directed and produced by two very talented guys, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky.

Geez, what a shit storm these filmmakers walked into. What began as a simple documentary about the making of new album, turned into a gut-wrenching exploration of the band’s personal relationships with each other, and their struggles with the creative process.

It’s like Spinal Tap, but without all the funny bits.

I admire the Metallica guys.  They took a lot of shit for standing up for what they believed with Napster.  It also took a lot of courage to allow the camera’s to roll while all this deep personal angst and emotional turmoil was playing itself out. Sure they have millions (and millions) of dollars, but… the creative process is the same. Hard, messy and complex.

The filmmakers also deserve high praise.  Two years…. I’d like to see the documentary about the making of the documentary.  I’m sure the story of their creative journey is just as interesting as the bands.

And Lordy did I remember why I long ago chose to have a “loose-confederation” with all my musical friends rather than have “a band”.

The film shows a lot studio rehearsals, fights, soul-bearing and fragments of concert footage. It also won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Add it in your Netflix cue.