1950s Bored Woman Housewife Wearing Apron Leaning On Mop On Kitchen FloorI just got back from APAP.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too when I first learned about it. However, it is not a gynecological convention. APAP is the “Association of Performing Arts Presenters”.

It’s a meat market, and the Roman Coliseum, all rolled into one. Basically, it’s an auction block for Agents to display their prize heifers and try and get a good price for ’em.

It’s a place where “it sells”, means “it’s good”.

And you know what? Almost everything sucks. I mean it’s really crap-tastically bad. There are three large floors (!) of this stuff on display at the New York Hilton, and it’s mostly all mind-numbingly terrible.

And you know what’s most terrible about it? It’s boring, dull, and predicable.

It’s safe.

Art is not supposed to be SAFE

Safe will never be extraordinary.
Safe will never change lives.
Safe will never inspire anyone to do anything, be anything, or act on anything.

I create music to be extraordinary. I create music to rock the world – to change it, and make it a better, more interesting, NOT safe place to live in.

You want a New Year’s resolution? Here it is.

I solemnly swear I will not be safe.
I solemnly swear I will not be boring, dull or predictable.
I solemnly swear I will not ask you to spend your hard earned money for something that is just “OK”.

I promise you I will never waste your time with “safe”.

Safe sucks.