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No, I’m not talking extreme ear-drum bleeding volume. I’m talking about the wrong choice of music (or sometimes having any music at all) can ruin your project. That may sound a little odd coming from a composer, but I really believe that the wrong music can kill your film, TV show, video game ad or even iPhone app.

Think about it, Jaws without its signature “Da – Dum”? Try watching it with the sound off. It looks like a bad ’70s travelogue.

Also boring, cookie-cutter music, and tired-old-music library music that sound like everyone else’s music (because it is everyone else’s music), is not going to win you any awards, set your project apart from the billions of others out there.

Here are teh facts. All media projects are are only made up of only two things – light and sound. That’s all you’ve got to tell your story. Skimping on music is like getting “Once upon a time…” and never getting “And they lived happily ever after.”

Hey, music can’t fix the lighting, smooth out the editing or help a bad performance. But the right music can create a mood, add the right tone, fill out subtleties and dimensions in your characters, and enhance all the dramatic elements of your story.

In terms of “dollars and sense”, like I said, music can help set your project apart in an insanely cluttered marketplace.

Making a film, or TV show or anything creative is like going to war.  And by the time it’s time for you music, the last you want in another headache.

Here’s my 2 cents (well, 2 more cents), when you need music for your project find someone:

– you trust,
– who gets what you’re doing,
– who understand the technical as well as the creative side of what they’re doing (this will save you major $$),
– who’s fun to work with (Lord knows this process is hard enough without working with a pain),
– who takes direction well,
– who speaks “story”, not just “music”
– who can help you tell your story even better, and…

– someone who delivers the goods on time and on budget.

Seems obvious right? Ask, look, research – there are lots of good composers out there.  Find a good fit, and good luck.  Get out there and make some great art!