preacher-man-bw-webOkay… it’s a little depressing. But at least we’re still doing better than preachers. (Well, probably not those preachers with the 40 acre churches and Olympic size baptismals, but who is?)

Even though Martin Luther said, “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise”, we musicians are pulling the better pay check here on earth – but only slightly!

Yep, the number crunchers at The Georgetown Center on Education and Workforce have now given us quantitative proof that studying music in college will lead to a crappy bottomline.

Who makes the most – Petroleum Engineers (quelle surprise!). And the worse? The men and women who teach our kids (ouch).

Here’s the chart and here’s the link –
Read it and weep (or laugh if you’ve a Petroleum Engineer)

Final note: Sure, they make more money, but who ever said “Let’s party like a Petroleum Engineer”?

Onward ~ Kevin

The Georgetown Center on Education and Workforce
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